Call of Duty 2
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Call of Duty 2

The action in Call of Duty 2 begins in 1941 during the Russian campaign, and proceeds in "vignettes" in which you can play as several different characters, switching between them if you want. The demo lets you play as a British soldier on Novermber 6, 1942 in El Daba Egypt, where your mission includes blasting German artillery soldiers out of the El Daba docks. The gameplay is fast and furious, and although it is quite obviously linear, it's a thrilling experience. Call of Duty 2 is most definitely the cream of the crop of WWII FPS games.

Call of Duty 2 Game Server (Linux) - $14.95 Monthly
16 players - Private
Call of Duty 2 Game Server (Linux) - $24.95 Monthly
16 players - Public

All Servers feature

- 16 Player maximum

- T3 Configuration
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- Gigabit Internet Connection

- Linux Red Hat Enterprise
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- Hyperthreaded Dual Xeon
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